IMAGINATION CREATES TRANSFORMATION | Arts for teens in the juvenile justice system


Maria Cristini, former Board member and ED of The Imagine Bus Project, shares how art impacts and transforms lives. With the support of the Imagine Bus Board of Directors and generous donors she worked to merge the Imagine Bus Project into Success Centers and explains why the merger benefits the programming.

“It’s that learning that transcends the art-making that stays with them forever. So, really it is about bringing art to kids who would not otherwise have it, because the process of art making changes lives.”
— Maria Cristini, Executive Coach to Mission-Driven Leaders

Liz Jackson-Simpson, the CEO of Success Centers tells the story of how the organization transforms lives through the story of one youth who participated in Success Centers’ wrap around programming. DeMorian Burnside was a parolee of the federal prison system, and with Success Centers’ support received his GED, was trained in the construction trades and found employment.

“It feels good that we stand true to our mission; and really making an impact on the community and helping to turn lives around.”
— Liz Jackson-Simpson, CEO Success Centers